• Specifications

    Maximum Display Weight:
    2,500 lbs.

    Overall ADS Box Dimensions:
    40" x 48" x 36.5"

    Inside Platform Size:
    36" x 44"

    Maximum Display Cube:
    36" x 44" x 60"H


E-Z Shop Ads Box™

ADS Box is a floor mounted, fully portable, four sided in-store display box which continuously repositions the remaining goods on a pallet at the convenient height of a shopping cart as the displayed products are removed by the consumer.

In addition to maintaining goods at a comfortable, convenient height, ADS Box also provides retailers with a 4-sided customizable "billboard" that can be used to further promote its contents. Shoppers are offered a bold, clear product message while never needing to bend or lift the goods into their shopping cart. ADS Box is completely reusable, minimizes display material refuse and will last for years. Changing displays is simple and can be done in seconds. Products can be loaded into the display box with a fork truck, pallet stacker or by hand. Stocking can be done on the store floor or out back. The box is easily moved by pallet truck around the store and just as easily transferred to a different store.

ADS Box will accommodate a variety of pallet sizes and styles up to 40" x 48". The design is shopper friendly, store rugged and requires almost no store maintenance.

ADS Box Drawing ADS Box Drawing ADS Box Drawing
When fully loaded, the spring mechanism compresses leaving top layer(s) exposed for consumer access. As items are removed, springs gradually raise merchandise, keeping top layer at shopping cart height. Even the bottom row of goods is presented to customers at the ideal height.