• Specifications

    Platform Dimension:
    16" x 60"

    Raised Height:
    26" (leveler only)

    Compressed Height:

    Shipping Weight:
    80 lbs. (leveler only)

U-Leveler™ - Self Leveling U-Boat Attachment

U-Leveler - Self Leveling U-boat Attachment

The U-Leveler™ provides dramatically improved ergonomics for loading and unloading U-boats. It's time-tested proven design automatically maintains loads at a comfortable height as cartons are added or removed, to eliminate bending, stretching and awkward repetitive motion. The U-Leveler™ requires no power, is maintenance-free and can be retrofitted to existing U-boats quickly and easily.

  • Rugged construction handles full capacity of the U-boat
  • Heavy-duty springs calibrated to bring loads to most convenient loading and unloading height
  • Extended base for stability
  • Can be quickly retrofitted to any U-boat
  • Does not increase the U-boat overall footprint
  • Requires no electrical power
Self-Leveling U-Boats are suggested in a guide entitled ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS FOR RETAILERS - Prevention of Material Handling Injuries in the Grocery Sector, published by the Department of Health & Human Services, CDC and The National Institute for Health and Safety.